Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jaranan, The Art of Kediri


Either because it is a trend or because it is due to a clear revived in recent months was the presence of art in the city of Kediri jaranan as the upper hand. Almost every week there is always a village which held jaranan in village art, let alone entered the new year in the month of Suro.

Until now there has been more than 65 groups of jaranan in Kediri. The city government did not want to just stay silent. Monitoring efforts made to preserve the arts in the City of Kediri jaranan so as not eroded by the advance of time.

Jaranan or lesson braid is a traditional art which is believed to be the original art Kediri. Even so not many people Kediri who know exactly the history of the creation Jaranan. Therefore the tour section this time I'll take you to some flashbacks to the past to uncover the creation story in the City of Kediri Jaranan.


SOERACHMAD, Founder of Freedom Fighters Division Brawijaya Kediri

All this may be less or Kediri citizens never even knew that in Kediri was a freedom fighter who contributed so much independence of the Republic of Indonesia, especially in the area of Kediri. Not only determined to maintain colonial incursion in Kediri, but he was also a founder of the 'Brigade' which is the origin of Brawijaya Division. He is Soerachmad, of unknown fighters. Therefore the tour section this time I'll invite you to further know Soerachmad figures. Soerachmad did not include the National People or fighters in the "National Characters" it. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kediri is tahu city

Tahu its mean soybean cake, many people of Kediri, east Java produce that cake. So, other people call that town is soybean or we call tahu town.

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